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Where in the World is Bella - Part 2

Bella is looking for something fun to do and has decided to put together a virtual scavenger hunt and "visit" some interesting and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Time to put on your travel geography cap and follow Bella around the globe. Can you guess where in the world Bella is?

Bella is in Africa's largest wildlife reserve (21,235sq mi/55,000 sq km), and is in fact roughly the size of Switzerland and four times larger than the Serengeti.

The highlight of the reserve is its large variety of animals, including impala, hippo, buffalo, wildebeest, hyena, kudu, sable antelope, elephant, baboon, lion and waterbuck.

This wildlife reserve is a stronghold for the endangered African Painted Dog. Home to almost 800, this park hosts around one-third of the global population outside captivity and is one of the best places to see the dogs in their natural habitat.

Bella can't believe they actually paint the dogs in Africa!

Need a hint? Located in Tanzania, the reserve was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due to its wildlife diversity and undisturbed nature.


So where in the world is Bella?

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Secluded and off the beaten track, the Selous Game Reserve offers visitors a slice of undisturbed wilderness, teeming with a spectacular array of fauna and flora.

Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve is one of its most scenic wildlife destinations; the Selous is utterly beautiful. The Selous is one of the few big game reserves to allow hiking, offering wildlife enthusiasts the chance to explore Tanzania’s pristine landscapes on foot.


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