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Where in the World is Bella - Part 1

While many of us are having to spend more time at home, our office dog, Bella, is starting to go a little stir crazy! She has already been on 5 walks today. Bella is looking for something fun to do and has decided to put together a virtual scavenger hunt and "visit" some interesting and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Time to put your travel geography cap on and follow Bella around the globe. Can you guess where in the world Bella is?


Bella is on a large fascinating island at South America’s southernmost tip, shared by Chile and Argentina.

This region ranges from barren, desolate landscape raked clean by high winds to pine and beech forests, beautiful blue lakes and snowcapped mountain peaks (with good trout fishing). The area has been inhabited by humans since before 8,000 BC and is a popular stop for cruises visiting Antarctica.

Need a hint? The name of this destination translates as "fiery earth".


So where in the world is Bella?

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Strait of Magellan, the stunning archipelago of Tierra del Fuego is part of the vast region of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. The Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego offers magnificent mountains, hanging glaciers, sphagnum bogs, clear lakes and rushing rivers. Here you may see wildlife ranging from Andean condors to beavers, sea lions and albatross.


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