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The First-Timer’s Guide to Safari

With Micato, it’s a straight path to discovery on your first safari.

What will it feel like spotting lions in the wild for the first time?

Rumbling across the terrain, it may seem impossible to see the golden beasts against the wide-open savannah sprawling out before you. Then, your guide stops the vehicle and directs your gaze. Lazily resting under the shade lie two immense lions. A breeze lifts their manes ever so slightly, their chests rising and falling in deep relaxation. One may even look up, making eye contact as you try to steady your hand to capture this moment on camera.

“Thrilling” barely describes the emotions that wash over you. Each feeling is magnified with intensity. It’s as if you’ve inadvertently entered a deeply personal moment, watching these beasts simply living out their days. It’s calming to be so connected to nature in such a raw, unfiltered way. And there’s a sense of gratitude that you are able to be here exactly at this time, precisely in this space.

Who is going?

With Micato, we work through every detail of your safari so you can simply give in to the moment. Once you decide who is joining you on this adventure, we can tailor the kind of experience that best suits you. There are Classic Safaris, with expert guides leading small groups. Custom Safaris are handcrafted only around you and your travel companions; no request is too big or too small. For family and friends, a Private Classic Safari is an exceptional way to travel. Follow the same path as Classic with flexible planning for any sized group — and weigh in on amenities such as your favorite cuisine and which luxury accommodations are the best fit.

Why are you going?

When it comes to marking a special occasion on safari, your memories should be made of magic. Let us plan an anniversary picnic, beautifully set out under an acacia tree as waitstaff tends to your every need. Transform an entire East African villa into a joyful family reunion, perhaps sending the kids out on a guided nocturnal hike while the grown-ups raise a toast before savoring dinner under the stars. Honeymoons are filled with thoughtful touches, like a couple’s massage as elephants lumber past your tent. The highlights of a graduation trip may be meeting a Maasai village elder to learn about his tribe’s past and learning how to make a difference in local children’s lives in a Nairobi community center.

Where will you go?

We saved the best for last. Micato’s safaris span both East Africa and Southern Africa, with dramatically different experiences within each region. The most famous of all are the Serengeti in Tanzania and Maasai Mara in Kenya, where you can witness millions of wildebeest and zebras stampeding during the Great Migration. The Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact caldera, has pools of water and lush vegetation that attracts thousands of wild creatures — elephants, lions, rhinoceros, gazelles, and many more. In South Africa, the diversity is astonishing as you travel from cosmopolitan Cape Town and Dutch-influenced wine country, and venture into the game reserve of Kruger National Park. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is jaw-droppingly beautiful with its quiet waterways teeming with wildlife, and Namibia inspires with its otherworldly sand dunes.

Family Favorites

These family-friendly activities will inspire travelers of all ages and open your eyes to the world.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, where he was imprisoned for nearly 20 years.

  • Meet the baby elephants of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on a private tour and adopt an orphaned elephant in your family’s name.

  • Learn how to dance, run barefoot, and fly a kite with Maasai warriors.

  • Gawk at adorable colonies of African penguins and Cape fur seals on a privately led excursion.

  • Join Micato founders Felix and Jane Pinto to learn what they love about going on safari with three generations of family every summer.

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