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Extraordinary Places to Explore in 2024

Embark on a journey of discovery in 2024! Let us be your guide to extraordinary destinations, where every moment becomes a part of your travel story. With our unparalleled travel experiences that promise to awaken your wanderlust & create lasting memories, we invite you to explore somewhere new, step off the beaten path, reconnect with your loved ones, and let your travel soul ignite.

Enjoy our list of top destinations to explore in 2024

The Canadian Rockies

Discover Canada's Wild Side in the Rocky Mountains. This region of Canada offers a diversity that will spark curiosity in every type of explorer. Those with an adventurous side can’t help being drawn to Alberta's ancient rainforests, rugged mountains and glistening lakes. The bustling cities of Edmonton and Calgary also offer visitors a wide array of activities, while the Canadian Badlands transport curious adventurers to prehistoric times. From the welcoming local culture & growing culinary scene to the breathtaking Rocky Mountain wildlife and countless outdoor activities all year round, the options are endless for every type of traveler.


While you might have already crossed Italy off your Bucket List, venture off the beaten path for a more relaxed and in-depth vacation in the Italian countryside. Away from the urban hustle & bustle, Tuscany enjoys its peace and tranquility. A land of quaint villages, traditional values, and charming landscapes, it continues to teach the rest of the country how to enjoy the little things in life. Along with our valued wholesale partner, we can offer a brand-new collection of villa stays with exceptionally personal accommodations in some of Italy's most serene landscapes.

South Africa

South Africa is a country like no other. It’s a place with unparalleled natural beauty and diversity of experiences. Travelers to South Africa enjoy connecting with warm, welcoming, and authentic people and leave feeling inspired, enriched, and rejuvenated. Vacations to South Africa offer impressive value for time and money at any budget, and can truly encompass all aspects of an African vacation - coastal beaches, vibrant cities, culturally rich history- and of course, wildlife safari complete with the iconic Big Five.


There are almost as many ways to experience Norway as there are polar bears in the high Arctic. For outdoor enthusiasts, this country is a pristine slice of heaven, with everything from white-water rafting and hiking to dog-sledding and snowmobiling. For photographers, there’s the sparse, stunning beauty of the coast, with its massive, crystalline glaciers and breathtaking fjords. Amid these natural wonders are some of Europe’s loveliest cities and towns, each with their own unique personalities.

INSIDER TIP: Is seeing the Northern Lights on your Bucket List? Experts are saying that the aurora activity will peak from 2024 to 2026 and could bring the best displays of the Northern Lights seen in over 20 years. Ideal destinations to experience the unbelievable colors dance across the Arctic sky are Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Alaska, and northern Canada.


More than your seventh continent, Antarctica is an extraordinary and deeply inspiring destination filled with unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Expedition cruise itineraries take you comfortably to the edge of this untamed wilderness on voyages across the Southern Ocean. Once there, find yourself surrounded by gargantuan icebergs, towering mountains that thrust out of the ocean, glaciers that curl over the tops of seaside cliffs, geothermal beaches, and beautiful nights under the Midnight Sun. Antarctica’s many magical displays don’t stop there, with all of these landscapes serving as a backdrop for rare and abundant marine and birdlife you simply can’t experience anywhere else on Earth.

Spain & Portugal

From snow-capped mountains to arid deserts, Spain is a diverse, fascinating nation, a true melting pot of culture, influenced by North Africa and Latin Europe. Charming Portugal is a brilliant collection of romantic seascapes, diverse cultures, and modern interpretations of rustic cuisine. Explore the countryside to find wonderful villages perfect for strolling and medieval castles that offer a true taste of the Old World.

Spain & Portugal paired together make for a magical vacation exploring cultures new and old, while experiencing spectacular art & architecture and unique food scenes found nowhere else in Europe.

New Zealand

Recognized for its clean and green environment, New Zealand is made up of many beautiful landscapes – from vast mountain chains to grand volcanoes, and from sweeping coasts and expansive beaches to deep fiords, lush rainforests, grassy plains and rich thermal areas. From the fjords to beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to get up close with extraordinary wildlife. But not to miss is the country's cosmopolitan side as well. Discover New Zealand's welcoming Kiwi culture and experience award-winning restaurants and wineries, as well as the beauty of Queenstown and Auckland.


No matter what motivates travel — an interest in history, cuisine, ancient or contemporary architecture, nature, shopping, unique cultural pursuits, and more — Japan truly has it all. Japan seamlessly blends modern and traditional culture with thousands of years of history and culture. This duality is apparent throughout the wide range of destinations and attractions that appeal to both novice and seasoned travelers. From vibrant metropolises to rural retreats, tropical beaches to sky-high peaks, world-class hotels to traditional Japanese inns — explore Japan’s heart and soul through unforgettable experiences and breathtaking moments.


From crystal blue waters to stunning green cliffs and black sand beaches, Hawaiʻi’s wealth of natural beauty is the breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable experiences that reward those who delve a little deeper – into vibrant cultures full of welcoming aloha, a thriving food scene and thrilling outdoor adventures. There’s so much more to Hawaiʻi than what you’ve heard. Even if you've vacationed in Hawaii before, there is always something new to discover!

Nestled at the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui extends a warm invitation to visitors, ready to share its beauty and culture. In the wake of recent wildfires that swept through Lahaina, the island calls for your support more urgently than ever. These events serve as a poignant reminder of the profound influence travel can have for the many places that have graciously welcomed us.


Ready to start planning your 2024 adventures?

Contact the advisors at Highlands Ranch Travel today! We can craft exceptional vacation packages wherever your wanderlust is beckoning, personalized to fit your specific interests & needs. We are here to help you navigate your world of options!

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