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A Local’s Guide to the British Isles

You’ll enjoy the best of all worlds when you travel with a seasoned expert who paves the way for you. Together with Globus — which has been curating travel since 1928 — we’ll reserve your journey through Great Britain and Ireland. Enjoy a culture-rich Globus tour accompanied by a Tour Director and other like-minded travelers, in which every essential detail is carefully mapped out and balanced with ample free time to seek out your own discoveries. Or choose to travel on your own as a Monograms guest, which includes all the benefits of VIP sightseeing, seamless transportation and centrally located accommodations, as well as the added convenience of a Local Host to help create authentic, unique experiences. With the U.S. dollar holding steady against the pound sterling, there is no better time to experience the British Isles with all the benefits we can extend to you on either a Globus tour or Monograms independent vacation.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

As you lift your gaze to the Golden Gallery that tops the dome at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, the gilded oak and marble reverberate with notes sounding from the three-centuries-old church organ. This magical moment is yours to experience with only your travel companions by your side, as being a Globus or Monograms guest means bypassing the lines to be among the first inside the doors. This VIP treatment follows you to other attractions such as the 12th-century Edinburgh Castle with a privileged chance to admire the Scottish Crown Jewels.

London, England

London, England

Like a royal consort being ushered past in secrecy, the ornamental gardens at King Henry VIII’s exquisite Hampton Court Palace unfold majestically before you, seen through a side entrance opened for Globus visitors alone. This private access offers you an exclusive glimpse into hidden sites before they’re open to the public, including the Great Vine — planted around 1768 and believed to be the longest grapevine in the world — and the Privy Garden’s pristinely manicured lawns dotted with marble sculptures and its famed Tijou Screen.

If you ask your Tour Director or Local Host about Dublin’s best pub, you may be steered from the busy Temple Bar district in favor of a beloved local pub like McDaids off Grafton Street. Within moments, you’ll be tipping back a pint of Guinness and swapping stories with locals. In London, spend free time browsing boutique shops or join an optional excursion to Windsor Castle, an official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Windsor Castle, Windsor, England 2

Windsor, England

Take your first bite of crisp Grasmere Gingerbread in the eponymous village where it was first baked in 1854. The spicy-sweet aroma of the treat still wafts through England’s storybook Lake District, which was home to poet William Wordsworth who once taught local children in the building that is now the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. Within the Irish village of Avoca, marvel over Ireland’s oldest hand-weaving mill as you meet artisans spinning wool into cherished throws, rugs and scarves.

Imagine your transportation arriving right on time at your London hotel, effortlessly delivering you to the prehistoric monument at Stonehenge followed by the Roman Baths, all in one seamless day. Amazingly, your evening culminates in another country entirely, in the Welsh coastal city of Newport, where you can share stories with your newfound friends over flowing wine and a convivial meal. Then, simply sink into bed to rest up for your next day’s adventures.

Cover ample ground in between Great Britain’s and Ireland’s signature cities where tucked between the classic high points lie hidden moments you’ll appreciate for years to come. Whether we’re connecting you with a Globus tour or we’re arranging a personalized Monograms vacation, we’ll include a complimentary hotel night before or after your tour. Delve deeply into these revered locations and never miss a moment on your adventure.

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